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Astrid 44 vit jul inspiration
  • Astrid 44 vit jul inspiration
  • Astrid 44 vit watt och veke inspiration jul
  • Astrid 44 vit pappersstjärna jul
  • Astrid 44 vit adventsstjärna
  • Presentask pappersstjärna watt och veke

Astrid 44 white

Diameter cm 44
Product White
Material Paper

Astrid 44 White is one hundred per cent winter! This white paper star has a classic feel, but with a twist. Astrid 44 white has added depth, so that when the lamp is turned on there is a beautiful wintry play of light coming from all angles of the star. Here is a snowflake that never melts, but it may well melt your heart.

Supplied in an elegant box that keeps it protected, ready and just as stylish when you take it out next Christmas.

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