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Athena 50 jul watt och veke inspiration
  • Athena 50 jul watt och veke inspiration
  • Athena 50 beige jul inspiration
  • Athena 50 beige pappersstjärna
  • Athena 50 julstjärna watt och veke
  • Athena 50 Lotus 60 beige watt och veke inspiration
  • Presentask pappersstjärna

Athena 50 beige

Diameter cm 50
Product Beige
Material Paper

Athena is the goddess of craftsmanship. Like her sister Freja, the unique folding process gives the star its undulating feminine, multi-dimensional shape. Athena 50 beige is folded and glued by hand in translucent coloured paper, Athena welcomes Christmas with an open, warm embrace.

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