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Siv 60 vit julstjärna inspiraition
  • Siv 60 vit julstjärna inspiraition
  • Siv 60 vit inspiration juldekoration
  • Siv 60 vit adventsstjärna watt och veke
  • Siv 60 vit pappersstjärna
  • Siv 60 vit adventsstjärna
  • Siv 60 vit watt och veke inspiration
  • Siv 60 vit julstjärna watt och veke
  • Siv 60 vit Astrid 44 vit julbelysning

Siv 60 white

Diameter cm 60
Product White
Material Paper

Siv 60 White is an elegant star designed to spread light and joy at Christmas time. The folding of the paper star and the pattern on the paper bring life to your room, whether it is turned on or off. Siv 60 white comes in an elegant white box either for protected storage or as a gift box – for the host of the Christmas party or a Christmas present for someone who appreciates good design.

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