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Sputnik bred 60 vit inspiration jul
  • Sputnik bred 60 vit inspiration jul
  • Sputnik 60 bred jul watt och veke
  • Sputnik 60 bred vit pappersstjärna
  • Sputnik 60 bred vit julstjärna
  • Sputnik bold 60 white paper star

Sputnik 60 bold

Diameter cm 60
Product White
Material Paper

Sputnik 60 bold White has a more dramatic nature than the other members of the Sputnik family. Rather like an exploding iceberg, Sputnik 60 bold is impossible to ignore as it lights up the room in all directions. The classic white paper makes Sputnik 60 bold the perfect window decoration or above your dining table, but also works well as a standing table star lit or unlit, on a sideboard or on a bookshelf. Easily assembled and supplied in an elegant box that keeps it protected, ready and just as stylish when you take it out next Christmas.

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