Tilly 20 boll copper
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Tilly 30 boll koppar juldekoration
  • Tilly 30 boll koppar juldekoration
  • Tilly boll watt och veke juldekoration
  • Tilly boll juldekoration
  • Tilly boll inspiration

Tilly 20 boll copper

Diameter cm 20
Product Copper
Material Paper

Tilly 30 ball copper is a glittering Christmas decoration. You can put it on a table, in a window or hang up several in a group together using the silk braid included. A really charming detail to add to the Christmas spirit or decorate your New Year's Eve dinner table. It goes well with the Tilly 60 paper star, which is also available in the same finish. Delivered in a flat pack, folded and held together with a magnet.

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