Our philosophy 

About Watt & Veke

Watt & Veke was founded in 1998 with a clear vision - to make the days brighter by using light that will bring something extra than just illumination.

We have over 20 years of experience. During this time we have always strived to bring you a special atmosphere through the lighting and to let it become a part of your interior design. Our lighting carries a personality, just like you. A Watt & Veke lighting should say something about you as a person. This regardless if you are a fan of our timeless classics or our trendy statement pieces.

We turn bright ideas into radiant design.

To us, design is as important as the quality of the light. When we combine these two components, that's when the magic happens.

So how does bright ideas turn into radian design? We find our inspiration through our travels, trends and influences from all over the world. But always the Scandinavian simplicity and your experience at heart.

Because the essence of our vision is your perception of our lighting. And it's not until you bring it home it becomes magical - and will brighten your everyday life..

The brightest stars

The paper stars from Watt & Veke are manufactured in a factory just southeast of New Delhi, India. India is actually the first country to start making paper stars, isn't that wonerful.

We are so proud about our paper stars
When you buy a paper star from Watt & Veke, you will know just why we are so proud of them.

Every star carefully folded by hand
There are stars in many different price ranges. But behind every star from Watt & Veke lies hard work both from the person who by hand, carefully folds every point of the star and glue them together, to the factory owner who sets the bar high regarding quality and manufacturing process.

We have a great collaboration
With our supplier we try our different finish and paper materials to bring forward a high quality star with the best possible illumination. We have a great collaboration, we mix different decorations, brainstorm and develop together. The glue keeping the star strong has been specially developed to stand against the changes of temperature in Scandinavia. This will make your star endure many years of folding and unfolding. All of these makes it possible for us to deliver to you, the best and most unique paper stars on the market.

The factory is placed in a beautiful green area that also has high demands on environment friendly manufacturing methods. Many of the stars are made of 100% recycled textile and there is no water used in the production. It's important to be able to save on the countrys resources, clean drinking water is scarce in India. The big windows let in lots of daylight and makes it possible to save on electricity. This also gives the workers who folds, glue and stans holes in your paper star a great working environment. The majority of the workers in the factory are women. So when you buy a paper star from Watt & Veke is it not just for you, you also support womens independency in India.

Welcome to the Watt & Veke Christmas



Meet Erika

CEO at Watt & Veke
Erika Cederberg has been part of the company since 2016. Since then Watt & Veke has gone through a major brand tranformatione that Erika worked hard for. During this time Watt & Veke has also recived and been nominated for design awards with products from successful design collaborations.

She has always had a passion for home decoration and design. Erikas background is from the food- and wine industy. And she also has a sommelier education.

You should have at least 7 light sources in a room. 

- I spend much of my time creating beautiful settings in my own home, and see interior design as my hobby. It was a real game changer for me when a started to see lighting as a furniture, not just like an design piece. Just like the right shoe can lift a whole outfit, so can lighting set the tone for a whole room.

-The most common mistake people do, when it comes to lighting, is to have too few of them, says Erika. You should have at least seven lightsources in each room. -Think about what you want to do in the room. You need a strong light to be able to clean and more soft lighting when relaxing. You can also use the light to enhance other interior decorations, like an art piece or plant.

Which model is Erikas favorite, and why?

-It's definite the collection from our collaboration with Hanna Wessman. And the favorite piece from that collection must be Spoon floor. All the models in this collection is a statement-piece, and this collaboration has helped us move our brand to an higher level.

What model, from the Watt & Veke lighting collection, will fit into any home?

- Ellipse, I tell everybody I know they should have one. The Ellipse has a loud personality, just like a lamp from Watt & Veke should have. This pendant lamp does not only fit most people, but also in any room. Big or small rooms, in the hallway, bedroom or kitchen. And it doesn't matter what interior style you have.

Would you like to find out more about the Watt & Veke collection, or have questions about trends and lighting. Contact: Erika Cederberg at +46 (0) 76 102 25 10 or by e-mail at erika.cederberg@wattveke.se

Selected favorites

Design by Hanna Wessman

Hanna Wessman with Watt & Veke. Swedish interior designer Hanna Wessman jumped in to this project with great joy. Hanna besides lighting also design furniture and interior details, and you may know her from TV4’s show Äntligen hemma. Hanna thinks that lighting is very important both for the function and esemble of a room.

A beautiful lighting product is a great tool for a decorator. - It’s pure magic when light interacts with different surfaces and materials, hanna says.

The SPOON collection – containing SPOON CEILING PENDANT, SPOON TABLE LAMP och SPOON FLOOR LAMP – it’s elegant with its matt black finish and details in brass, it will bring an exciting retro feel to your space. Hanna is especially fond of 30-40-design and her lighting collection reflects a lot of her own personal style and taste. SPOON CEILING PENDANT is a real eye-catcher that bring character and playfulness to a room. SPOON TABLE och FLOOR are both elegant and the light from the adjustable shades hits the furniture and flooring beautifully.

The BOX collection consists of two different models – BOX CEILING SPOT: bring your walls to life with an direct light and BOX FLOOR SPOT: light up any dark corner, just like in an art gallery. Together they will add an harmonic feel and with the strict lines in the design also elegance. The entire collection has an dimmer function that you can use to set different moods with your lighting. Anything from functional reading light to that cozy dinner mood. 

Selected favorites

Design by Anna Hörling

Ever since graduating from the Industrial Design program at Konstfack, Stockholm, in 1993, I have been fascinated by the attractive force of light. Working with the physically sculptural shape of luminaire is among my favorite things to do. At the same time I am fascinated by the great shadows that take shape when turning on the light.

Ceiling lamp Anna – designed 2010
The ceiling lamps available in stores before Anna was drawn were mainly straight, cylinder shaped designs in woven linen with outdated and ordinary expressions. The idea behind Anna was therefore to create a modern and discrete design adapted to rooms with lower headroom, which are highly represented in newly produced apartments. Apart from the experience of a pleasantly lit room, the design was made to stand out – like a discrete flower in the ceiling.

While working on Anna I put great effort into designing the curve of the handle to create a resilient shape. I experimented with different sizes of the center hole, partially to make room for the fabric but also to cover the construction of the lamp. The original Anna ceiling lamp made with wrinkled silk and synthetic fabric. But has been updated with a white sober cotton jersey fabric signed Boel & Jan, a Swedish high quality producer. Anna is designed to fit all different spaces in the home environment, from living room to bedroom.

Anna can also be found in many spots outside of the home, among other places at Classic Café and Gröna Lund in Stockholm.

Ceiling lamp Ingrid – designed 2012
Ingrid is a sequel to Anna, designed at the request of Watt & Veke. The modell is based on the same idea and construction of Anna’s steel body but with a more modern design. I added more metal rods and an additional steel circle at the bottom in order to create even more resilience in the shape.

The choice of textile was crucial as the design itself needed a fabric capable of covering up the construction but at the same time enhancing the steel body. Another challenge in designing Ingrid was being able to stretch the fabric enough to create the flat bottom of the shade. I ended up solving the problem with another steel circle keeping the fabric in place inside of the design.

Selected favorites